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About the Podcast

This podcast is for people looking for a balanced take on politics in Montana.

Politics affects almost every aspect of our great state, yet it gets overshadowed by national news or it just gets too polarized to talk about. This podcast seeks to overcome these problems by serving balanced and informative political programming focused on issues important to Montanans who want to stay engaged.

The Montana Middle airs once or twice a month and provides updates from Montana's congressional delegation serving in Washington, DC, as well as conversations with everyday Montanans across the political spectrum.


Your Host


Dan West grew up in Montana and has worked on numerous campaigns in the state as well as in various roles in Washington, DC. As a primary candidate in Montana‚Äôs 2017 House special election, Dan gained support from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents across the state with his moderate political platform and commonsense approach to policy solutions. Through this podcast, Dan seeks to move beyond partisanship and help make politics more accessible for more people across the state.